The name of my country is Republic of Macedonia and will be Republic of Macedonia
  Birth of the Macedonian Nation
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Goce Delcev

The Macedonian people yearned for their own national identity toward the end of the 19th and the early 20th and as a result of this desire for national autonomy the Macedonian national liberation movement emerged. This was a direct result of the political, national, economic and cultural oppression of the Macedonian people. The Turkish occupation had lasted for over 500 years leading to social, economic, administrative and legislative crisis in Macedonia, and by the interference of other foreign states in Macedonian affairs..

The Macedonian Revolutionary Organization (MRO), was formed and quickly became the established leader of the Macedonian national liberation and social revolution movement, struggling for national independence and social justice. Goce Delchev, was an extraordinary visionary and ideological leader who organized and mobilized the MRO. Delcev had a brief but brilliant career and was completely dedicated to the cause of Macedonian nationhood.

Goce Delcev

Goce Delchev, was born to Macedonian parents, Nikola and Sultana Delchevi on February 4th, 1872, in Kukush, a town 35 km north of Salonika. He completed his primary education in Kukush, expanded his education by completing his secondary education in Salonika, with emphasis on science, literature and social studies. Delchev furthered in education in the sciences at the Salonika Military Academy. He read widely on Macedonian national affairs whilst attending the Academy. He took an active role in politics, and joined political clubs in Salonika and Sofia, and had close contacts with others, especially with the socialist and the "Lozari" clubs in Sofia. Membership of these political organisations contributed to the formation of his revolutionary ideals.

Goce Delchev's membership in the MRO was the most significant change in the course of in the history of the Macedonian national liberation movement. While Delcev's involvement with the MRO was short, the years between 1894 and 1903 represent the efficient revolutionary sequence of the MRO, and was directly attributed to the influence of Delcev. They comprise of Delchev's public education career as a scholar in Novo Selo (near Shtip) and Bansko (1894-1896), and of his involvement with revolutionary ideals, making preparations and seeking support for the armed uprising from the Macedonian people.

After taking the oath of memebership of the Macedonian Revolutionary Organization, a meeting of significant and historical importance took place in Stip, in November 1894, between Delchev and Dame Gruev, the founder of MRO. Gruev had already realised the major impact that Delcev had had upon the expansion of the MRO, and its organized network throughout Macedonia. Delchev believed that the liberation of Macedonia was an exclusively domestic affair, based on an internally organized uprising. Delchev's first venture into the interior of the Macedonian land was in April, 1895. He oversaw the establishment of local branches of the MRO. These branches were responsible for the spirit of freedom widely among the population of the country.

Delcev was able to recognize the influence of other Balkan monarchies, and in particular Bulgaria (which continues in part today) and their aspirations for the Macedonian state. The most aggressive of this Bulgarian propaganda, was a destructive fraction called "Vrhovism", became the target of Delcev's most fervent opposition. Delchev continued to attend district meetings all over Macedonia and put into place a revision of the revolutionary districts in Macedonia in 1895, by strengthening the weaker districts, by providing contacts for a reliable network, and by the appointing of strong district leadership of the MRO. Delcev continued his belief that any revolution could only be fought by Macedonian forces to protect Macedonia from falling under any foreign control of neighbouring Balkan states, in particular Bulgaria.

At the First Congress of MRO, in April of 1896, an revised restructure of the districts was introduced, and MRO was renamed TMORO (Secret Macedonian Odrin Revolutionary Organization), a new Constitution and Charter was adopted (which was drawn up by Goce Delchev and Gjorche Petrov), and an expatriate branch of TMORO was established in Sofia. Delcev and Petrov became the first representatives of the expatriate branch, and assumed total responsibilty in respect of material supplies, including weapons, ammunition, revolutionary literature, and other publications. Delchev's correspondence with the TMORO members covers extensive data on supplies, transport and storage of weapons and ammunition in Macedonia. Delchev beleived in the independent production of weapons, which resulted in the construction of a bomb manufacturing plant in the Osogovo Mountains.

The inclusion of the rural areas into the TMORO resulted in the expansion of the organization and the obvious increase in its membership, while setting the foundation for the military power of the organization. Goce Delchev was appointed as its military advisor. The clandestine character of the TMORO ended as a result of the Vinica Affair in November 1897, when domestic and world opinion was exposed to the TMORO's existence and extent. The unity of the TMORO was subject to the adverse infiltration of the Vrhovism fraction into the TMORO, followed by frequent subversions. These subversions led to the reorganized structure of some districts, and this was implemented by Delchev during 1900-1902.

When was the uprising in Macedonia to take place? Delchev and his followers believed that a premature uprising could fail and he regarding this as the ultimate crime a leader can inflict upon a nation and its history. On his way to the Congress in Ser (now in Greece), held at Lovchan Grove of Ali Botush, Delchev stopped at the village of Banica on the 4th of May 1903. Goce Delchev found himself betrayed and surrounded, and he was shot dead. His tragic death cancelled many of his visions that he had planned for that period of the Macedonian history. The death of Delchev made headline news in Turkey and Bulgaria. Delchev was only 31 when he died and was the most dynamic personality of the Macedonian revolutionary and national liberation movement.

Delcev will be remembered for his famous quote:"I understand the world solely as a field for cultural competition among nations".

Even though Delchev strongly resisted the premature uprising, its date of the uprising was determined at the Smilevo Congress. The uprising was to start on August 2, 1903, the orthodox Christian holiday of St. Elijah (Ilinden). This uprising would hence be known as the Iliden Uprising (Ilindensko Vostanie) and involved the entire Macedonian people, and the most intense actions took place in the liberation of Neveska, Klisura and Krushevo, where the Krushevo Republic was proclaimed by its president, Nikola Karev.

The Ilinden traditions re-emerged during the National Liberation War (NOV) in Macedonia. Their climax occurred at the Second Ilinden, when the First Assembly of ASNOM took place on August 2, 1944.

The remains of Goce Delchev were returned to Macedonia on the 10 October 1946 after an agreement was reached between the government of Macedonia and the Association of the Macedonian Fraternities in Bulgaria. The following day, they were solemnly embedded into a marble tomb in grounds of the Holy Saviour Church (Sv. Spas) in Skopje.

Goce Delchev's effort epitomises the character of the proud Macedonian nation. The Macedonian people consider Delcev a national hero, in admiration of his history-making personality, tenacity, and his unserving belief in Macedonian national autonomy. Delcev's aspirations for an autonomous state became reality in 1991 when Macedonia broke away from the Yugoslav Federation. It is interesting to note that the 1991 Macedonian break-away from the Yugoslav Federation was achieved without armed uprising or bloodshed. Other former Yugoslav Federation members have not fared so well, and have all endured some degree of armed conflict to achieve their independence.


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Dame Gruev (1871 - 1906)

In the latter part of May, 1902, Gruev was imprisoned in Podroum-Kale in Asia Minor. There he found Christo Matov and Dr.Christo Tatarchev, both sentenced to exile in January 1901. Gruev and his comrades were kept in Podroum-Kale for 10 months. Dame GruevEven though he was not in Macedonia, Gruev managed to keep himself informed as to the development and affairs of the MRO. He kept up a steady correspondence, with Salonica, Monastir, and Sofia.

In Easter of 1903, a general amnesty was declared, and Gruev was released. Gruev travelled directly to Salonica and there he found the that the Central Committee, which was in charge of the MRO, had already resolved to declare an uprising which was to take place during 1903. Gruev did not agree with the Central Committee’s decision, mainly because of the MRO’s lack of preparedness, and as he believed it was too late to oppose or to follow any other method, he agreed to the decision of the Central Committee. He left Salonica and went to Smilevo where the revolutionary Congress was to be held. The purpose of this Congress was to set the date for the declaration of the uprising and to outline the methods and tactics in its execution. Here Gruev met Boris Sarafov, who had just arrived from Bulgaria.

Gruev was elected as chairman of the Congress, and it was decided that the day of the declaration of the uprising was to be August 2, 1903. This uprising would hence be known as the Ilinden Uprising (Ilindensko Vostanije). Gruev, Sarafov, and Alexander Lozantchev were elected by the Congress as the three members of the General Staff, and empowered to direct the revolutionary forces in the Vilajet of Monastir.


Dame Gruev talks about the creation of a Revolutionary Organization in Macedonia, January 18th, 1905.

"Better an end with horrors, than horrors without end"

"It was after the assassination of Minister Belchev in Sofia that, for the first time, I became aware of my desire to work for the Macedonian cause. Three or four months before that, we, the Macedonian students at the University, had decided to organize ourselves for self-education and mutual influence. Our aim was that, after completing our education, we should all return to Macedonia, which stood in great need of intellectual forces. In this narrow, intimate circle of ours, the idea of creating a revolutionary organization in Macedonia was born. Serbian propaganda had already begun its activity and we were shocked by this and considered that we had to hasten and put the idea of the liberation of Macedonia on the agenda before Serbian propaganda gained momentum and managed to split the people. We had experienced the activities of this propaganda. It had agitators both in Soloun and Skopje. They promised us scholarships and gave them to us. It was then that I and several other Macedonians went to Belgrade. There, we were able to perceive the intentions of the Serbs because of their great efforts to impress us with the Serbian idea and to impose the Serbian language upon us, which irritated us even more.

In Sofia, the chief members of our 'society' were Hristo Popkotsev D.Mirchev, N.Deykov (secretary to a justice of peace, born in Prilep, at present a lawyer in Loukovit) and Poparsov. We intended to work mainly in the direction of demanding the implementation of the Berlin Treaty. We wanted to create an organization on the model of the revolutionary organization in Bulgaria before the Liberation, following the example of Botev, Levski, Benkovski, etc. We studied the experience and structure of that organization. We were influenced by the Notes of Zahari Stoyanov, and other Bulgarian revolutionary publications of that time. We had also studied the history of the Serbian movement.

I spent the following year in Salonica in the printing shop of Semerdjiev. There I met some old comrades: Poparsov, Andon Dimitrov (born in the village of Ayvatovo, near Soloun now a member of the District Court in Bitolya), Dr. Hristo Tatarchev, Hadji Nikolov (from Koukoush), Hristo Batandjiev (from Gumendie, secretary of the Soloun commune). We revived our old idea. We grouped together and jointly worked out a Statute. It was based on the same principles: a demand for the implementation of the Berlin Treaty. This Statute was worked out on the model of the Statute of the Bulgarian revolutionary organization before the Liberation. Our motto was 'Implementation of the provisions of the Berlin Treaty.' We established a 'Central Committee' with branches, membership fees, etc. An oath, etc. was also envisaged. In the rules there was nothing about Serbian propaganda, but we intended to thwart it by enlightening the people. This was during the academic year of 1893-1894. During the first year, we admitted into the new organization two or three graduates of the high school in Soloun: Alexander Panov - a teacher in Prilep, who afterwards pursued his studies in Paris, and then he returned to Soloun where he died, and two others. The year ended with this."

Reference: Memoirs of Damyan Grouev, Boris Sarafov and Ivan Garvanov, Sofia, 1927, Book V, pp. 8-11 the original is in Bulgarian

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Pitu Guli

Pitu Guli was born in Krusevo in 1865. As a boy, he demonstrated an independent and rebellious nature. Guli came from a poor family family background, so when he was 17, Guli left Macedonia to seek wealth in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. In 1885, Pitu returned to Macedonia and joins the revolutionary movement. He formed a rebel squad and joins up with other elements of revolutionary movement.

Pitu Guli

Upon his return from Bulgaria, Pitu was sentenced to eight years inprisonment, seven years of which were spent in the prison of Trapezunt. In 1894 he again returned to Krusevo, and became a member of TMORO (Secret Macedonian Ordin Revolutionary Organisation). From this time on he was fully committed to the cause of Macedonian revolutionary activities. In 1902, Pitu travelled to Bulgaria again where he met up with Toma Davidov. On Guli's return to Macedonia, he is injured at the border and was forced to return to Bulgaria.

Fully committed to the Macedonian National Revolutionary movement in March 1903, and as a Duke with his own squad, he and other Dukes crossed the Bulgarian-Macedonian border heading for Krusevo.

From April to August 1903, he trained and prepared his troops in the lead-up to the Ilinden Uprising (Ilindensko Vostanie). During the time of the Ilinden Uprising, Pitu was a Duke of a large rebel detachment.

History states that Guli fought heroically at Mechkin Kamen (Bear's Rock) near Krusevo during the Ilinden Uprising, and he is remembered in song and poetry throughout Macedonia.

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Nikola Karev

Nikola KarevNikola Karev and the Krusevo Republic
The Ilinden uprising (Ilindensko Vostanie) was the turning-point in the national and revolutionary struggle of the Macedonian people. It was a true national revolution with deep political and social implications. It began on 2 August 1903, and soon spread over the whole of Macedonia, however not everywhere with the same fierosity. The fiercest fighting went on first in the area around Bitola, then to Ohrid, Kicevo, Lerin (Florina - now in Greece), Prilep, and other regions, with less pronounced fighting in the Solun (Thessoloniki - Greece), Seres, Skopje and Odrin regions. The towns of Krusevo, Nevska and Klisura were captured. Other nationalities living in Macedonia also took part in the Ilinden Uprising, which increased its popular and democratic character. On 3 August 1903, the rebels took the town of Krusevo and established a revolutionary government. They proclaimed the Krusevo Republic, which was the first ever in the Balkans. The Republic lasted 10 days, from August 3 - 13, and had as its President Nikola Karev, a well-known Macedonian revolutionary and socialist leader.

From among the various nationalities who lived in this part of Macedonia, a Republican Council was elected with 60 members - 20 representatives of each nationality. The Council also chose an executive body, called the Provisional Government, with six members (2 from each nationality), whose duty it was to ensure law and order and see to such things as supplies, finances, and medical care. The "Krusevo Manifesto" was published. Written by Nikola Karev himself, it outlined the aims of the Uprising, calling upon the population to join forces with the provisional government in the struggle against tyranny and enslavement to attain freedom and independence. The Turkish government was so shocked and surprised by the uprising that they took extraordinary military measures to quash the new republic: 176,000 soldiers, 3,700 mounted troops and 444 cannon's were sent to Macedonia. After fierce and heroic battles near Sliva and Meckin Kamen, the Turks managed to destroy the Krusevo Republic and then cruelly dealt with the the rebels in Krusevo and other districts. As a result, over 200 communities were exterminated, more than 12,000 houses burned to the ground, more than 70,000 people were left homeless, and 8,816 were killed. Although some 30,000 people fled their homes to avoid the Turkish reprisal, the toll was indeed heavy.




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Jane Sandanski

Jane Ivanov Sandanski was born in the village of Vlahi near Melnik on 28 of May 1872. His father Ivan participated as a flag carrier in the well known Kresna Uprising.

Jane Sandanski

From 1899 he cooperated with Goce Delcev, and held the positions of the Duke of Melnik and the president of the Revolutionary Committee of the Ser area. He persistently fought against the activities and incursions of the Vrhovists from Bulgaria and the Andartas from Greece.

Jane Sandanski was a Macedonian revolutionist, and one of the leaders of the Macedonian National Revolutionary Movement. Immediately he began his revolutionary activities, he became well known because he offered protection to the villagers from the tyranny of the Turks and Bulgarians. He organised national courts, and he also organised and taught the people tactics in self-defence. Sandanski lived and fought in the Pirin (Bulgarian) region, and that is why the people gave him the name "Pirin Czar" (Pirinski Tsar). He was also active in the Ilinden Uprising (Ilindensko Vostenie), and in 1908, he supported the young Turkish revolution with the vision for the freedom of the Macedonian people.

The Bulgarian Tsar Ferdinand declared that Sandanski was the most dangerous enemy against the great Bulgarian interests (Macedonian Bulgaria). In the same year, an unsuccessful assassination was attempted on Jane Sandanski by mercenaries who were sent by Ferdinand. A second attempt to assassinate Sandanski was carried out on 15 August 1909, but again he was only wounded..

Following the Balkan Wars (1912 and 1913), with the resulting expulsion of the Turks, Parts of Macedonia were annexed to Serbia, Bulgaria and Greece. Sandanski continued living in seclusion on Mt. Pirin and planned the assassination of Tsar Ferdinand. However, on the 22 April 1915, whilst travelling from Melnik to Nevrokop, near the Rozenski Monastery, armed followers sent by Ferdinand, attacked Sandanski and killed him.

Today, the heroic and revolutionary efforts of Jane Sandanski are remembered in the national anthem of the Republic of Macedonia.

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The Krusevo Manifesto

The Krusevo Manifesto - The Address by Nikola Karev to the Krusevo Republic

"Fellow countrymen and dear neighbours!

We, your perennial neighbours, friends and acquaintances from beautiful Krushevo and its pretty villages, regardless of faith, nationality, sex or conviction, not being able to endure any more the tyranny of bloodthirsty murtats who hunger for human flesh, who would like to lead both you and us to slaughter, to reduce both you and us to poverty, and to turn our dear and wealthy land of Macedonia into a wasteland, we have today raised our heads and decided to defend ourselves with rifles in our hands from our and your enemies, and obtain freedom. You know very well that we are not evil and you understand that it is trouble that made us risk our lives, so that we might begin living like human beings or die like heroes! And because since the times of our grandfathers and great-grandfathers we have lived together like brothers of this land, we consider you as our own, and would like it to remain the same forever. We have not raised our rifles against you - it would be shameful for us to do so; we have not raised against the peaceful diligent and honest Turkish people who, like ourselves, earn their living through sweat full of blood - they are our brothers with whom we have always lived and would like to live again; we have not risen to slaughter and plunder, to set fire and steal - we have had enough of countless derebeyis pillaging and plundering our poor and blood-stained Macedonia; we have not risen to convert to Christianity and disgrace your mothers and sisters, wives and daughters; you should know that your property, your lives, your faith and your honour are as dear to us as our own. Alas, we have taken up arms only to protect our property, our lives, our faith and our honour. We are not murtats of our own land that has given birth to us, we are not robbers and plunderers, but revolutionaries sworn to die for justice and freedom; we rebel against tyranny and against slavery; we are fighting and will fight against murtats, against robbers, against oppressors and plunderers, against besmirchers of our honour and our faith and against those who benefit from our sweat and exploit our labour. Do not be afraid of us and of our villages - we shall not harm anyone. Not only do we consider you as our brothers, but we also feel sorry for you as our brothers, since we understand that you are slaves like ourselves, slaves of the Sultan and of his beys, effendis and pashas, slaves of the rich and powerful, slaves of tyrants and oppressors, who have set fire to the empire from all four sides and have made us rise up for justice, for freedom and for human life. We invite you, too, to join us in our struggle for justice, freedom and human life! Come, Moslem brothers, let us together go against your and our enemies! Come under the banner of "Autonomous Macedonia"! Macedonia is the mother of us all and she calls on us for help. Let us break the chains of slavery, free ourselves from suffering and pain, and dry the rivers of blood and tears! Join us, brothers, let us fuse our souls and hearts and save ourselves, so that we and our children and our children's children might live in peace, work calmly and make progress!... Dear neighbours! We understand that you as Turks, Arnauts and Moslems might think that the empire is yours and that you are not slaves since there is no cross on the imperial flag but a star and a crescent. You will soon see and understand that this is not so and that you are wrong. Nevertheless, if you honour does not allow you to join us and declare yourselves against the Sultan's tyranny, we, your brothers in suffering and of the same homeland, shall do you no harm and shall not hate you. We will fight alone both for you and us, and if necessary, we will fight to the last man under the banner for our and your freedom, for our and your justice. "Freedom or Death" is written on our foreheads and on our blood-stained banner. We have already raised that banner and there is no way back. If you consider us as your brothers, too, if you wish us well, if you intend to live with us again as you have lived up to now, and if you are faithful and worthy sons of our mother Macedonia, you could help us in one way at least - and it would be a great help indeed - do not make partners of the enemy, do not raise guns against us and do not oppress the Christian villages!

May God bless our holy struggle for justice and freedom!

Long live the fighters for freedom and all honest and good Macedonian sons!

Hurrah! For an autonomous Macedonia!"

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