The name of my country is Republic of Macedonia and will be Republic of Macedonia
  Towns - Gradovi vo Makedonija



BITOLA: In 1991, Bitola had a population of 122,173. Altitude: 600 meters. It is the second largest city in Macedonia situated in the south-west of the country, 8 km from the Greek border at Medzitlija, on the Pelagonija Plain. It is an important area, connecting the South of the Adriatic Sea with the Aegean Sea and with the Central part of Europe. The city is situated on the upper reaches and on both sides of the River Dragor. To the west of the city, are the Baba Mountains, which include the peak Pelister (2601m). The Baba Mountains are set aside as a National Park. To the east, spreads the fertile Pelagonija Plain spreads, used extensively for agricultural purposes. A large coal burning power station is located nearby providing electrical power for southern Makedonija. To the south, are the historical Roman ruins of Heraclea are to be found. The city's inhabitants are mostly Christian however a there are a small number of Muslims who reside in the city. The mosque which can be seen in the picture above is now used as an arts centre for local artists and musicians. The clock tower in the centre of the city was built by the German people after WW2. During Socialist times, the tower had a red star on the top. After independance in 1991, the star was replaced with the orthodox cross.

In the photo above the old mosque can be seen on the left, and the clock tower on the right. The street seen can be considered to be the main street of the city and is called The Corzo. Prior to independance it was called "Ulitza Marshall Tito". In the centre of the city is Old Bitola a conglomeration of narrow cobbled streets and century old buildings.

Surrounding villages include Krklino, Kravari, Kukurechani, Lopatica, Orizari, Crno Buki, and Mogila. Larger significant centres are Ohrid, 71 km to the west; Prilep, 46 km to the north and Florina, in Greece 50 km to the south.





BITOLA:Vo 1991, Bitola imase 122,173 iljadi ziteli. Na nadmorska visina od 600 metri, e vtor po golemina grad vo Makedonija, smesten vo Jugo-Zapadniot del od drzavata, 8 km od Grckata granica kaj Medzitlija, vo nizinata Pelagonija. E mnogu vazen prostor koj go povrzuva Jugot od Jadranskoto More so Egejskoto More i centralniot del od Evropa. Gradot e smesten na gorniot del i od dvete strani na rekata Dragor. Na zapad od gradot e planinata Baba so vrvot Pelister (2601m) koja e proglasena za Nacionalen park. Na istok se prostira plodnata Pelagonija koja se koristi isklucivo za odgleduvanje na zemjodelski proizvodi. Golema Termo - centrala e smestena vo blizina koja koristi jaglen za proizvodstvo na Elektricna energija za juzniot del od Makedonija. Juzno od gradot se naogaat istoriskite iskopini Heraklea od vremeto na Rimskata imperija. Poveketo ziteli na gradot se od Xristijansko poteklo , a ima i mal broj Muslimansko naselenie. Dzamijata koja moze da se vidi na slikata gore, denes se koristi kako Umetnicki centar za lokalnite Artisti i Muzicari. Saat kulata vo centarot na gradot bese gradena od Germancite posle Vtorata svetska vojna. Za vreme na Socijalizmot kulata imase crvena petokraka na vrvot, posle nezavisnosta vo 1991 petokrakata bese zameneta so Hristijanski krst. Na slikata gore starata Dzamija e od leva strana a saat kulata od desna. Ulicata sto se gleda vo sredina se smeta za glavna ulica i se vika Korzo, pred nezavisnosta se vikase "Ulica Marsal Tito" Vo centarot na gradot e stariot del od Bitola koj e konglomerat od tesni ulici i so vekovi stari zgradi. Vo okolnite sela spagaat: Krklino, Kravari, Kukurecani, Lopatica, Orizari, Crno Buki i Mogila. Pogolemi znacajni centri se: Ohrid- 71km na zapad, Prilep- 46km na sever i Florina vo Grcija - 50km na jug.


Strumica PanoramaStrumica is located in south-eastern Macedonia. The town had 94,517 residents in 1991. The fortress Carski Kuli is all that remains from the old town located on the hill above the modern day Strumica. The castle dates back to the 11th century. The Macedonian state collapsed in 1018 after Samoil lost the battle on Mount Belasica in 1014, against the Byzantine army led by Basil II.

Fourteen thousand of Samoil's men were captured; Basil ordered them all to be blinded, leaving one in every hundred with one good eye to lead back the blind troops to Samoil, who collapsed dead upon seeing what Basil had done to them.

Strumica is the centre of the wide rich Strumica valley. Here are grown poppy, cotton, tobacco, sesame, peanuts and aniseed, an important ingredient used in the production of the famous Macedonian ouzo - Mastika.

Jane Sandanski Centre

The Church of Saint Leonie which dates from the 11th century is the most famous historical monument in Strumica. "Strumicansi" also call it Vodocha which means "blinded eyes". The legend says that it was here where the 14,000 Samoil's soldiers were blinded by Basil II.

The Church Saint Bogorodica which is found near the village of Veljusa, also dates from the 11th century. Found here is a crypt that according to legend belongs to Struma, the sister of Krali Marko, while according to another, dates to the time of Alexander the Great.

Spa Banjsko is found 15 km from Strumica, with its healthy mineral streams are considered to be the hottest in Macedonia (75C degrees). Approximately 8 km from Strumica there is an artificial lake, Lake Doiran, and the border with Bulgaria is 22 km from the town.



SKOPJE: In 1994, Skjopje had a population of 563,100. Skopje is the largest city and capital of the Republic of Makedonija. It is a city of contrasts in that it is a new and modern city. However, Skopje is also a very old city, too. Skopje is the political, economic and cultural centre of Makedonija. All the state institutions have their seats here. It is also the major centre of metal-processing, chemical, timber, textile industries. Industrial development has been accompanied by an intensive development of internal and external trade and banking, as well as activities in the fields of culture and sport. In 1963 most of the city, including many ancient mosques, was destroyed by an earthquake. Surrounding villages are Petrovec, Nerezi and Dorce Petrov. Other significant centres are Tetovo, 42 km to the west; Kumanovo, 40 km to the north-east and Veles, 58 km to the south-east.


Krusevo is located at an altitude of 1,330 metres (4000 ft) AMSL, making Krushevo the highest town in Macedonia, and in the Balkans. Krushevo is situated on the Bushava Mountain, and is about 30 km from Prilep. It is winter ski resort. Krusevo is characterised by its old architecture, and boasts many hotels, all necessary for relaxation and the enjoyment of winter skiing holidays.

Mechkin Kamen

Krushevo has been described as a museum of old architecture. The town has many examples of old Macedonian architecture leaving the town with no high-rise apartment buildings.

Each year on Ilinden the city celebrate by adopting a festive appearance. The townsfolks display hand-woven blankets (jambolijas) on the balconies and in the windows of their houses in a variety of colours.

Krushevo proudly remembers the Ilinden Uprising, when on August 2, St. Elijah's Day, 1903, the Macedonian people liberated the city from the 500-year Turkish rule. This was the first republic in the Balkans and was known as "Krushevo Republic" but unfortunately only lasted about ten days. The Turkish army returned, suppressed the uprising in blood, and burned Krushevo to the ground.

A few kilometres from Krusevo is the historical site of "Mechkin Kamen" (Bear's Rock) where Pitu Guli and his suportters perished in trying to defend the town from the Turkish army from Bitola. A monument in honour of the fallen Macedonian heroes who gave their lives for free Macedonia can be found here. There is also a Museum of the Ilinden Uprising, where the tomb of Nikola Karev, the president of the Krushevo Republic is located.

Krusevo has many old churchesand a gallery of 19th century icons, and a memorial gallery to the master of modern Macedonian art, Nikola Martinoski, who was born in this town.

Krusevo is near the towns of Prilep, Kicevo and about 50 km from Bitola.




St. NagoricaneThe Church of St. George at the Monastery of Staro Nagoricane is the best known cultural and historical monument in the Kumanovo's vicinity. The Church was built in theFrescos 11th century and was reconstructed in the l4th. During its reconstruction, the fresco-painters Mihailo and Evtihij painted its walls with frescoes of exceptional artistic value.

The town has an outstanding revolutionary tradition. Together with Prilep, it was in Kumanovo that on October 11,1941, the anti-fascist insurrection of the Macedonian people and its struggle for national and social liberation began. The Kumanovo Spa medical springs are situated in the immediate vicinity of the town.


Ohrid has a population of 42,800 (1991) and is the one of the main tourist cities in Makedonija. It is situated on the Northern shores of Ohridsko Ezero, which is the largest (340 sq km) of the three fresh water lakes in Makedonija. The city caters to both Makedonijan and international tourists alike. Makedonija's second international airport is located in Ohrid. The town has a modest fishing fleet which trawl the lake for fresh water trout. Part of the small Makedonijan navy is based here, operating two small gunboats which patrol the border with Albanija. The lake is fed by fresh water springs in the south, near the monastery of St Naum. These springs feed 20 cubic metres of ice-cold water in the lake every second, (approx 630 million cubic metres per year). The monestary of St. Naum was built in about 900 AD. It is one of Makedonija's oldest and continuously used churches. The remains of St. Naum are buried in an apse of the main church. St.Naum is built on a cliff face and looks out over the Albanijan border. An army unit is based nearby.



Lake Prespa - Prespansko Ezero


Lake Prespa is the second largest lake in the Republic of Macedonia. It lies 853 metres AMSL and has an area of 274 sq. km. The water temperature varies from 18 to 24 degrees C from early to late summer. The beaches are sandy, and the climate is warm to hot during the summer months. 65% of the lake is Macedonian, and the remainder is Greek and Albanian.

In the nearby village of Kurbinovo, is the Church of St. George (Sv. Gorg) containing frescoes that date from 1190. Close to Kurbinovo is the village of Slivnica, which has a Monastery built in the 17th century. On the island of Mal Grad, are situated the old fortresses of Tsar Samoil and the St. Achilles (Sv. Akilis) Church. This island is found in the Greek part of the lake. The water from Lake Prespa, which is higher in altitude, flows into Lake Ohrid, running under the Galicica mountain. From the top of the Galicica mountain can be seen Lake Prespa to the east and Lake Ohrid to the west, a view which is breathtaking. The high quality and widely known Prespa apples are grown here. Natural beauty, clear lake water, preserved natural environment are ideal requirements for the development of tourism in this region. The introduction of first class


Slivnica is situated in South-Western Macedonia. It is 853 metres above sea level and only 1 km from Lake Prespa, 11km from the Greek border and Albania is just across the lake. It has population of 200 people who permanently reside there and around 500 people who went to other countries throughout the world. 4 km north of Slivnica there is a Monastery "St.Bogorodica " built in the 17 century. The biggest city in the area is the city of Resen 19 km to the North-West. Slivnica is in between the two popular tourist places Pretor 1km to the north-west and Krani 1km to the South.


Stip located in Eastern Macedonia, has been described as a significant cultural, educational, and economic city. In 1991, the population was nearly 52,000. An old fortress is located on the Isar hill which is found in the centre of the town. Shtip - Isar Hill Several old churches are found in Shtip. The Church of St. Archangel was built in 1332 and is the oldest church in Shtip. St Spas and St Bogorodica also date from the 14th century. The old Turkish covered market called the Bezisten (The Arcade) in the town's central district houses the Art Gallery, and in the Church of St. Bogorodica in Novo Selo there is a permanent exhibition of icons. It was in the yard of this church where at the end of the 19th century, Goce Delcev, the founder of the Macedonian national liberation movement was teaching.

Outside of Shtip, on the way to Kriva Palanka is the Monastery of St. Jovan Osogovski, which hosts each year the Summer School of Architecture. Today, a festival of popular music "Mak-Fest" is held here each year.

A few kilometers from the town is Bargala and in the immediate vicinity is located the Kezovica Spa with its medical mineral springs (62C degrees)These springs are very popular with the locals and tourists alike.




VELES: In 1991, the population was 67,535. Situated on the main route linking Serbia with Geece, Veles grew in the last century into an important centre of trade. It has grown up in a deep valley with steep sides on the banks of the River Vardar. The town was predominantly industrial. There is a lead-zinc smelter a porcelain factory and a silk factory, as well as leather and metal industries. Agriculture, viticulture and market-gardening are well-developed. Veles is a town with a rich cultural tradition. Significant nearby centres are Prilep, 81 km to the south; Bitola, 127 km to the south and Skopje, 58 km to the north-west. Surrounding villages include Dzumajlija and Gorno Orizari.

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